holidays :)

On the first day of the holidays i just relaxed and i was packing for camping the next day in Nelson, victoria national park.

we went on tuesday with family friends of ours. we camped for 3 nights and 4 days, the weather was brilliant it was really sunny and warm. except for one night it was horrible it was pouring rain, hail, storms and terrible winds. in the morning it calmed down abit. we also had smores almost everynight!! they tasted awesome. Me and friends went night fishing at about 10:30pm! we caught 2 fish! one was smaller so we couldtnt keep it then the other one was thr right size, it was a brim so we cooked it up and ate it. it was really yummy! then on thursday, which was our last night camping we went to south australia for lunch at the pub. then on friday we went home, on the way back we met up with friends in nallawaree and stayed with them for a few nights! we had dinner with them that night at the pub and stayed the pretty late!! then on saturday!! GRAND FINAL DAY!!! WHOOH i really wanted FREO!! to win but they didnt 🙁 but it was still a really good day and all our friends, were there with us at the pub watching the footy in Nallawaree. then we went to a friends place that night for dinner, and heaps of our freidns were there. we played heaps of games like spotlight, basketball and just watching tv, listening and dancing to music!! then dad, zac stayed at someones house then i stayed at the same place we had dinner1 me and my friend Brody stayed up late watching criminal minds together. then the next day we went to the farm to feed the calfs!! aww they were so cute!! 🙂 then on sunday i had i just stayed at home and relaxed. Monday i had 2 hours of training at the gym then the same with wednesday. on thurday i went to the movies to see gravity with Michelle at nihgt, then she stayed at my place and we stayed up till 4 in the morning! haha! then on friday i stayed at her house. Then on saturday it was my dad’s 40th birthday party so i was getting ready for that, then later that night i went to see gravity 3D again! haha with jessie! On sunday it was my dads actual birthday he turned 40! he got lots of presents from family and friends. then on sunday night at about 10:00 o’clock  i forgot i had homework to do so i got all stressed ot then got up and did it but it didnt take long, about half an hour. So that was what i did in my holidays! 🙂


what tableaux is a frozen image either at the end of thhe performance or the start.

exaggeration is where you are exaggeration every move and sound you do.

movemnet, voice, facial expressions and gestures.

we advertised a adfree T.V our cathphrase was, adfree.. t.v!

we exaggerated, talking, the end part,  when Erin was speaking and when i was ripping something out of her, i actually dont know i did that haha!!


on the 10th of may, my fitness team Elevate, went to the geelong arena to compete at the school aerobics.

it was also a long day, it started ealry then finished at about 8:30pm.

Elevate came 4th so we are through to school aerobics finals.

we, as well as everyone else that got through to finals are very excited and hope to get to the championships in QLD



On the 4th of may, my fitness and hip hop team went to melbourne to compete at FISAF we came 1st in hip hop and 3rd in fitness so that means we are off to nationals.

it was a very long day the first act started at aroud 8:15 and finished at 6:15 at nights.




me and my group used lots of exaggeration, like i was Alissa’s  mother and we all used lots of expression.

maddi also used lots of exaggeration from being the dentist, as i was the assisistent as well as the mother.


neatral stance is feet hip width apart weight down the middle hands by your side staring straight ahead.

the body is important because it is the main tool its like the props

i enjoyed the acting today being the parent haha..

i found changelling trying to to smile or laugh. 🙂


i thought that my report was really good, i was really happy with it.

i did really well in english, math, food tech and P.E, and ilearn.

i think i could imptove on science and  music.

H: 37     M: 6     L: 0

  • Term 1, Warrnambool College.
  • 7F-I I’m in 7F and I really enjoy it because I can trust everyone, and we are always having a laugh.
  • New people I’ve met- I have met a whole lot of new and friendly people, Taylah, Ashlee, Tanika, Sarah, Eve, Liv, Amilie, Alissa and heaps more.
  • Cooriemungle- I didn’t go because I was sick which was devastating because I really wanted to go.
  • Swimming sports-At the swimming sports, everyone came in there house colours and came in some wacky and colourful costumes. Me and a few friends also had a paint fight, it was extremely fun
  • House/tute groups-in my tute I….am in F6 and my tute teacher is Mr Faris and I now know most of the people in my tute.
  • Subjects-my favourite subjects are cooking, P.E, English, and Maths when we play games.
  • Athletics- for the athletics I have signed up for, discuss, and long jump.
  • Other sport- every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, I do aerobics and hip hop, I really enjoy that because I have lots of friends that do it too.
  • Lunch times-at lunch time I hang around with my friends, and just go and walk around and explore things.
  • Stamps-I get stamps for doing the right thing, helping someone, extended work, homework and more. At the moment I have 70 stamps.

By Paris